Risevest Review: How to Earn Money on Risevest(Fast)

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Making money is no longer rocket science, especially in this internet age. Anyone can make money seamlessly with little to no effort provided they have a working internet connection and access to information. This brings us to how to earn money on Risevest.

Whether you are an investor or someone plainly interested in “how to earn money on Risevest”, you are on the right page. In this Risevest Review, you will discover:

  1. If Risevest is legit
  2. Risevest’s Investment Products
  3. How Risevest works
  4. How to invest in Risevest
  5. How to earn money on Risevest
  6. And FAQ about Risevest 

What’s Risevest

Risevest is an investment company that educates and helps its members invest in dollar-based investments across developed markets. This company claims its goal is to ensure investors grow their wealth through financial literacy and better investment decisions.

Risevest Review: How to Earn on Risevest

Risevest was founded in 2019 and claims to have helped over 100,000 people invest in various investment portfolios including Real estate, Stable foreign currencies, and U.S stocks.

Taking a look at the company’s records, reports have it that in 2019, Risevest had 17.48% returns on real estate and over 22% returns on U.S stocks. Plus these numbers are expected to increase in the future. 

Review Of Risevest Investment Products

As earlier mentioned, Risevest has three major investment products; US stocks, Fixed Income, and Real estate investment.

US STocks

Ordinally investing in stocks comes with high risks which is why it isn’t recommended for people who are beginners. However, if you are highly experienced in stock investments, then Risevest’s Stocks may be perfect for you. The company claims to help investors buy, sell, and manage their portfolios without them (investors) having to do anything.

Risevest also maintains that investors with stock portfolios can double their money fast within a period of one year and are also likely to lose money within the same period. Therefore, if you choose to invest in Risevest’s stocks, note that you’ll be taking full responsibility for your investment outcomes.

Fixed Income

This investment product is ideal for people looking for low-risk assets to buy. On Risevest it’s offered in the form of Eurobond. When you invest funds in the fixed income asset class, you earn a flat interest after a specified period. According to Risevest, the returns are certain and the investment period is usually within 3, 6, and 12 months.

Real Estate

Real estate just as the name implies is basically investing your funds in retail properties. Here, Risevest helps you invest in high-demand retail properties, however, they affirm that returns may be affected by critical circumstances such as war, a pandemic and other natural disasters. More importantly, returns on the Real estate asset class are higher compared to fixed income. Also, note—returns on Real estate are lesser when compared to stocks. 

Is Risevest Legit?

Yes. Risevest is legit. The company and its investment portfolios are duly registered in the USA, Delaware, and Nigeria. While there are unconfirmed reports that they are yet to register with the SEC, the company is registered with ARM Trustees. 

ARM is short for Asset and Resource Management Company, a Trustee fully registered and regulated by SEC. Meanwhile, SEC is The Securities and Exchange Commission responsible for regulating financial institutions and protecting investors. With the affiliation between Risevest and ARM Trustees, it’s almost impossible to say investors’ money isn’t safe. Therefore the platform is Legit

In addition to being legit, Risevest uses encryption technology to secure users’ accounts while ensuring all investments are done under a unified license. 

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How does Risevest work?

Risevest works in a straightforward way. You fund your wallet with as little as $10, the company invests for you. What this means is—Risevest acts as a fund manager, helping you spread your money across different dollar investments.

To better understand how Risevest works, here’s an example. If you have N5000 in your Risevest wallet, all you have to do is — select any of the investment products available on Rise app (depending on what your risk levels are), then Risevest monitors and invests your money into reputable companies for high returns.

To start investing on the Risevest platform; follow the steps below;

  • First, download the app from Google play store or App Store
  • Next, sign up on the app and create an account. Ensure to properly fill in your details, upload your image and submit an identification document. 
  • Fund your wallet
  • Start investing. 

How to invest in Risevest

1. To start investing in Risevest, first, you need to verify your BVN: Generally, the Government requires every financial institution including investment companies to verify their users’ BVN by comparing the information they have with the government’s database. This is to enable transparency and curb identity theft.

Is my BVN safe on Risevest, you may ask? The answer is yes. Risevest claims not to sell or carry out unlawful activities with Users’ BVNs.

2. Fund your wallet and select an investment product: Depending on your risk tolerance, you can either choose to invest in fixed income, stocks, or real estate. Also, you are allowed to invest in all the asset classes. It’s all about how much funds you have and the level of risk you are willing to stomach. 

3. Set a duration for your investment: A duration represents how long you want to keep your investment. It could be 3, 6, or 12 months.

How do you earn on Risevest?

Earning on Risevest is easy. Basically, you earn in two ways; Referral and accrued interests.

1. Referral Earning

Referral earning involves recommending and inviting your friends, family and colleagues to sign up on Risevest. You earn a 3% commission each time someone you referred signs up to use the platform. However, you are only paid after your referral has funded their investment plans. 

Other criteria to earn your commission includes;

  • Having an investment plan of not less than 50%
  • Having a verified account
  • Your referral must have invested for 3 months 
  • Your referral must not withdraw their investment till after 3 months

PS: Note that you are only allowed to withdraw your commission after having it locked for 3 months.

2. Investment Interests 

In addition to earning from referrals on Risevest, you can also earn through investment interests. This method involves selecting an investment plan and funding them either through a recurring payment or one-time payment. At the end of the investment period, you earn interest. 

Final Words

This Risevest Review is well researched to help answer all questions you may have about the company and its genuineness. Making money on the platform is easy and more importantly — you won’t need to figure out anything on your own. Risevest helps you invest your money properly in high-efficient companies for better returns.

FAQ about Risevest

Is my money safe with Risevest?

Yes, your money is safe with Risevest. The company is fully registered in Nigeria, Delaware, and the United States of America. Furthermore, all funds you have with Risevest are monitored by ARM Trustees, a company registered with the SEC.

Who owns Risevest

Eleanya Eke is the Chief Executive Officer at Risevest.

Risevest sign up

To sign up on Risevest;

  • Go to Google play store or App Store and download the app
  • Click on Sign up
  • Input your personal details
  • Finally, Log in and fund your account to start investing
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