Why Your Business Website Should Have The One-Click Checkout Solution

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The One-click checkout solution is a must-have for every online business. While most business websites lose potential customers due to their slow and complicated checkout process, a one-click checkout solution solves this problem.

Statistics by Baymard Institute show 18% of shopping orders were abandoned in 2021 due to the slow and complicated checkout process on most eCommerce websites. thus, using this data, you can see that the checkout process on your website can either make or break your business.

However and luckily, there’s a way to win and stay successful in this industry, and this is by paying attention to your checkout process – and more importantly by adopting a seamless solution

Here in this post, you will learn why your business website should have a one-click checkout solution.

3 Reasons To Have A One-Click Checkout Solution On Your Website

Why Your Business Website Should Have The One-Click Checkout Solution

1. Fast, Easy, and Improved Checkout for Customers

Most customers would leave your eCommerce store the moment it takes them another 2 minutes to complete their transaction. Imagine how frustrating it would be to pique a customer’s interest right from the landing page to the product page only for them to bounce off due to poor checkout experience. Sure, you wouldn’t want that for your business.

Hence, this is why a one-click checkout solution is essential for your business. Your customer doesn’t have to spend all day on your eCommerce store trying to complete their transaction when they can do it in seconds with a one-click solution. A one-click solution lets them quickly and effortlessly complete their transaction in no extra time. 

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2. Increased Conversion on Your Ecommerce Store

As earlier mentioned, complicated and multiple checkout pages are the reason why your prospects are abandoning their carts and moving to a competitor’s store. Fortunately, with an easy, fast, and one-click checkout process, you can increase conversions and turn your prospects into repeat customers. Therefore, to drastically reduce cart abandonment rate, increase sales and satisfy your customers, use a one-click checkout process.

3. Increased Website Speed and Performance

Statistics in recent years reveal over 72% of sales were generated online through mobile shopping especially from smartphone users. This is proof that mobile users contribute largely to most online sales. However, having a poor checkout process can make your business lose out on this growing market.

In this time more than ever, improving mobile experiences for your prospects and customers is extremely important. While having multiple checkout pages can make the experience awful for your customers, a one-click solution keeps your website’s speed fast and fully optimized. In addition to fast speed, overall performance is improved for your website and customers. 

Final Words 

Now you have an idea and understanding of why your website needs a one-click checkout solution, to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, implement a one-click checkout solution on your website.

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