How To Run Facebook Ads in Nigeria – 8 Easy Steps

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Ultimately, the purpose of every business is to make money. As a business owner, promoting and getting more people to see your products and services is a great way to increase sales and revenue. Business thrives on sales. And sales bring in the money. 

Using Facebook ads to reach more prospects will positively impact your business. This is because Facebook advertising when done right is profitable. With Facebook ads, you can attract new customers, increase your customer base, and invariably increase sales.

However, and unfortunately, most people do not know how to run Facebook ads in Nigeria.

While Facebook advertising is simple and straightforward, knowing how to get started is important. This is why we have created this step-by-step guide to show you how to run Facebook ads in Nigeria.

How to Run Facebook Ads in Nigeria

1) Create a Facebook business page

To start running Facebook ads to promote your business, you will first need a Facebook business page. A Facebook business page is a unique page just like your personal profile, where you can share information about your business.

A Facebook Page
A Facebook Page

For instance, on your Facebook business page, you can add your business name, logo, products, phone number, and even the location of your business. Simply put, your business page is a representation of your offline shop.

To create a Facebook business page, log in to your Facebook account, click on the menu, and select “Pages”.

how to run Facebook ads in Nigeria
How to run Facebook ads in Nigeria

To proceed, you will need to provide information including:

  • A page name. This name should be the same as your local business name. For instance, if you own a fashion brand with the name “Emerald Apparels”, ensure to use the same name as the page name.
  • A description. This is where you describe what your business does. Simply put, your description is your bio. For instance, “Emerald Apparels” can have a description that reads; We are a fashion brand that helps plus size women figure out the best clothing type for their wardrobe needs.
  • A category. Your category represents your niche. It can be technology, science, arts, fashion, etc. In Emerald Apparels’ case, the category is Fashion.
  • A profile and cover photo. Just as you have a profile and cover photo on your personal account, your Facebook business page will also need a profile and cover photo. Take a high-quality picture of your local business and upload it as the cover photo. Your brand logo can serve as your profile photo.
  • Other information. Your phone number, business address, closing, and opening time, can then follow suit. Importantly, make sure to fill out every information required by Facebook during your page creation. This is vital and makes your page fully optimized for searches.

2) Create your ad account

An ad account holds all information relating to your campaigns, ads, adsets, billing information, and other important details of your account. By default, your personal profile comes with an ad account. However, this default ad account isn’t ideal for running campaigns of different objectives on Facebook.

Take, for instance, you have two businesses. One is focused on the technology niche (sells phones and phone accessories ) while the other is focused on Fashion products and accessories.  To run profitable ads and prevent potential bans from Facebook, you will need to create different ad accounts for the two businesses.

Fortunately, inside your business manager, you can create as many ad accounts as you want.

Facebook business manager
Facebook business manager

To create your ad account;

  • Login to your business manager account
  • Navigate to “Ad accounts”
  • Click on “Add” and input details of your new add account
  • Lastly, open your new add account in the ads manager

3) Launch your ad account in the ads manager

Ads manager is where you create, run, and analyze your Facebook ads. Inside the ads manager, you can see all active campaigns, completed campaigns, and your drafts. On the upper top of the manager is your Facebook ad account ID.

Facebook ads manager
Facebook ads manager

The ads manager is vital for generating information such as how much was spent on an ad, the number of clicks or conversion from an ad, budget breakdown, campaign performance, and in fact the overall report of your campaign.

4) Create your ads Campaign

The next step now on how to run Facebook ads in Nigeria is to create your first ad. To get started, click on the “Create button” in your ads manager. This green button is located right below the resource center on your ad manager. 

Ads campaign
Ads campaign

On clicking the “Create button”, a pop-up box will appear displaying two options; the create new campaign and the use existing campaign option. If you choose the “create new campaign” option, you will need to select an objective for which you are running your campaign.

Alternatively, you can choose to select the “use existing campaign” which allows you to use an old campaign you ran in the past. For this guide, we will be selecting the “create new campaign” option since you have not run any ads before now.

5) Choose your objective 

Generally, your campaign objective is the purpose for which you are running your ads. What actions do you want your target audience to take when they see your ad? If your campaign is focused on getting Facebook users to install your app, then choosing the “app installs objective”  is ideal.

Facebook objectives
Facebook objectives

Importantly, a good Facebook ads practice would be to define your objectives before setting and running your ads. That way you won’t be wasting money campaigning for the wrong objective. Here’s a good resource to help you choose the right objective for your Facebook ads. A list of available objectives on Facebook ads are;

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store Traffic
  • Video views
  • Messages
  • Lead Generation
  • Video views
  • Engagement

Once you are done choosing an objective, name your campaign, adset, and your ad before proceeding to click on continue.

6) Create your adset

Next is to create your adset. Inside the adset are features such as dynamic creative, audience targeting, budget and schedule, location, gender, placements, optimization, delivery, etc.

The dynamic creative feature lets you use multiple images, texts, and captions. This feature is excellent for testing your creatives, headlines, and copies. For example, you can use different headlines to run your ad and at the end of the campaign, you can choose the headline that’s most converting or with more engagement and optimize for your next ad. 

Audience targeting lets you pick the exact set of people interested in your services. For instance, if you are running ads to promote a web design business, you can target people like small business owners, entrepreneurs, school owners, CEOs, and literally anyone who would like to have their own website. These are people likely to buy your web design services.

How To Run Facebook Ads in Nigeria - 8 Easy Steps

Budget & schedule allows you to set a specific amount of money you are willing to spend on a campaign. This includes choosing if you would like Facebook to charge you daily or at the end of a campaign. You can budget as little as NGN500 as you daily spend or as high as NGN10,000 as daily spend. However, it’s worth noting that the higher your budget the better your results. On the other hand, the Schedule lets you set the start and end date of your campaign.

Location allows you to choose the region you want to target. You can target a different country from Nigeria, you also decide to target Nigeria. While targeting Nigeria, you can choose to limit your ad to people in Lagos excluding other locations in Nigeria, or vice versa.

Gender refers to whether you would want to target only women or men. If you own a fashion store that sews for women, it’s wise you limit your gender to only women, as they are the ones likely to buy your products. 

Age is another feature you can use to limit who clicks and interacts with your ad. Running a campaign that sells adult wears means you wouldn’t want children between ages 18 – 20 to buy your product. You can easily adjust the age range in your adset.

For placements, you can choose to place your ads on Facebook stories, in-article, news feeds, etc. You can also choose to place your ad o Instagram as well as other placement options available on Facebook.

7) Create your ad

Facebook ads
Facebook ads

This part of the step is where you create your ad. You can add images, text, headlines, and the URL you want to send your audience to when they click on your ad. Ensure your images are of high quality, as this is vital in getting people to click on your ad. 

Also, ensure your copies are good. According to Unbounce, your headline is the first thing users see before looking at your images. You have to keep it simple and engaging. 

Another great practice you can infuse into your ad copies is – to focus on just one thing or one message. Do not confuse your audience with too many messages at a time. Read this resource on copywriting by Neil Patel to write better copies.

Finally, your ad is ready and you can publish it now. Meanwhile, reviewing your ad 2 – 3 times is ideal to ensure things are as you want them before publishing. Also, make sure your ad aligns with Facebook policies as this can cause bans and termination of your ad account.

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8) Analyze Ad Performance And Optimize

This is the last part of how to run Facebook ads in Nigeria. Now that your ad is launched and running, after a given period of days, say 5 – 10days, you can analyze the performance of your ad.

If your ad is performing well or has high conversion, you can scale it by increasing the budget. That way more conversions will take place and sales will keep increasing.

On the other hand, if your ad isn’t performing well, you can check to see if there are problems with your funnel or issues in your campaign. Errors can be corrected while allowing the campaign to keep running. However, if after analyzing the campaign, you do not find any issues, it’s best to kill the ad and move on to create a new one.

Alternatively, you can hire the services of an ad specialist to help you manage your ads or take premium courses on Facebook advertising. These courses cover topics ranging from how to set and run ads, to how to fix funnel and campaign issues, as well as tips and tricks for running high-converting ads.

See This Facebook Ads Course For Beginners.


Knowing how to run Facebook ads in Nigeria is essential for your business. Regardless of your type of business, you can easily incorporate Facebook advertising into your marketing strategies for better results.

While you might be a beginner, the steps listed above can help get you started in minutes. If however, you encounter any challenges while going through each of these steps, drop a comment below and you will receive an immediate response from us. 

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Best Time To Run Facebook Ads In Nigeria

The best time to run Facebook ads in Nigeria is early in the morning. Also running ads on weekends has shown to be profitable as people are likely to be free from work and spending time on their Facebook news feed.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Ad In Nigeria

Generally, there are no specifics as to how much it costs to run an ad in Nigeria. However, most campaigns can run with as little as NGN500 per day or as high as NGN20,000 per day. It all depends on how much you have and are willing to bet on Facebook. 

How To Pay For Facebook Ads In Nigeria in 2022

You can pay for Facebook ads with your Naira credit cards; master card, visa, and verve. Or you can choose to pay in dollars. However, you will need a barter card to successfully pay in dollars.

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