Expertnaire 72IG Course: Everything You Need to Know 

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Expertnaire 72IG Course is one of the best hot-selling digital courses on the Expertnaire platform right now. Although the course is popular amongst affiliates, freelancers, and digital marketers, most people still do not understand what it’s all about.

If you belong to this latter group confused about the 72IG course, its price, and whether it’s legit or not, this resource will provide you with the needed answer in a moment. 

In this resource, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the 72IG course, the course creator, price, truths & facts about the course, and finally whether you should buy the course or not.

What is 72IG Course?

72IG Course, also known as the 72IG Implementation Program is a detailed digital marketing course. This course teaches you how to use digital marketing strategies such as WhatsApp marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and Youtube ads for affiliate marketing.

For most affiliates, Expertnaire 72IG Course is referred to as an affiliate marketing program. This is because the course is geared at helping affiliates master sales and marketing which in turn can boost their affiliate sales and commission. Most affiliates attest to having used the 72IG Course to make their first 100k, 200k, and even 750k.

Can one make such an amount of money using the 72IG course? Yes, but here’s what you should understand about the Implementation Program; it’s not a get-rich-quick program. You’ll need to invest time in learning and practicing to see tangible results.

Expertnaire 72IG course is a two-part video training course. It consists of a 72IG WhatsApp income generator and a 72IG Implementation Program version 2.

1. 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator 

This part of the 72IG course comes with nine (9) video training covering an introductory video that explains what affiliate marketing is.

Video 1 talks about affiliate marketing in detail, highlighting how to make your first 20k even if you’ve never earned a dime online.

Video 2 covers how to navigate the Expertnaire platform. From logging into your account to navigating to your dashboard and finding hot-selling courses and digital products.

Video 3 to Video 9 teaches WhatsApp marketing thoroughly. You will learn how to set up a Whatsapp business account, how to add bulk contacts to WhatsApp, how to upload status updates that can get your contacts engaged and piqued, how to build relationships, how to promote hot products, three free traffic sources for generating leads, how to build sales funnels, and finally how to close leads.

Beyond the above-mentioned video training, you also get access to PDFs on how to sell on WhatsApp. These PDFs mostly contain sales scripts, social media calendars, and copies. As a matter of fact, the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator course can take you from zero to millions in weeks.

2. 72IG Implementation Program version 2

The implementation program part of the 72IG course covers a range of high-income skills; copywriting, Twitter marketing, email marketing, content marketing, PPC traffic, sales funnel building, and more.

Copywriting involves using written words to convince and compel prospects into buying from you. 72IG implementation Program goes in-depth to teach you how to use copywriting to drive sales. In addition, the program provides you with copy templates and scripts you can tweak to suit any product you’re promoting.

Twitter Marketing is yet another skill you’ll learn from the 72IG Implementation Program. At the end of the course, you’d understand how Twitter works, how to create viral tweets, how to grow your following, how to leverage influencers’ tweets to promote your products and services, how to generate leads, and how to make money on Twitter.

Email Marketing is excellent for building a list of fans and people interested in what you offer. 72IG Implementation Program demonstrates how to use email marketing effortlessly to grow and promote your products. This program will teach you how to choose an autoresponder, how to create your first email campaign, how to create lead generation forms, and how to schedule emails. In addition, you also get access to email copies and templates that work.

Sales Funnel Building highlights all the nitty-gritty of your customer’s journey. This involves building landing pages, opt-in pages, and thank-you pages. 72IG Implementation Program will show you how to build sales funnels from the ground up to finish. 

Web Design covers building websites and landing pages for the promotion of products and services. The 72IG Implementation Program teaches you how to build your first website, how to create and add pages to your website, how to publish posts, and how to install plugins.

Facebook Ads is the use of adverts and promotional materials on Facebook. The goal is to generate leads that can buy your offer. 72IG Implementation program teaches how to open a Facebook business page, how to launch your Facebook manager account, how to verify your account, how to create ads, how to avoid bans, how to create and install pixels, retargeting ads, and how to spy ads.

Instagram Ads are similar to Facebook ads with just a minor difference. Instead of advertising on Facebook, you get to advertise on Instagram. The Implementation Program teaches everything you need to know about Instagram, its algorithm, and how to promote your products.

Canva is a tool for creating graphical content. From logos to banners, pictures, posters, and other graphical presentations. 72IG Implementation Programs teach you how to use the Canva tool to create designs and ad creatives.

Other bonuses you’ll get inside the 72IG Course are;

  • Done for you Whatsapp campaigns ( worth N150,000)
  • Twitter money blueprint ( Worth N25,000 )
  • Access to Facebook Mentorship group
  • 1-year free affiliate Expertnaire account ( worth N10,000 )
  • 50% commission when you sell 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator Program
  • 3hour weekly online support
  • Access to Expertnaire Telegram mentorship group

Is 72IG course legit?

Yes, the 72IG course is legit and authentic. 

The course is created by Toyin Omotoso, a popular Nigerian Internet Marketer. Toyin Omotoso is a reputable name in the internet marketing industry and has launched and grown businesses such as;

  • Digital Nexus Interactive, cofounded with Ronald Nzimora
  • Buywell Properties
  • Biovessel
  • And Expertnaire, a top affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria
Expertnaire 72IG Course| Toyin Omotoso
Toyin Omotoso

Beyond that, Toyin Omotoso is also the author of “How to Turn Yourself into a Live Breathing Cash Machine” — a book that teaches how you can attract money and abundance into your life. This book also reveals how to develop a prosperity mindset, why most small businesses fail and how you can avoid it. To learn more about Toyin’s book, read about it here

Meanwhile, before joining the internet market niche, Toyin Omotoso learned extensively from his mentor Sunny Ojeagbase, the owner of Success Digest. Success Digest is an online magazine that teaches about money-making, small businesses, and high-income skills.

To crown it all, Toyin Omotoso is friends with Top successful men in Nigeria including Akin Alabi, founder of, and Ronald Nzimora, founder of Profit Marketing Systems Limited Partner.

So again, 72IG course is Legit and Authentic. 

What’s the price of 72IG course

As of the date of publishing this post, Expertnaire 72IG course costs only N62,500. This is the current price after its old price of N40,000 was reviewed in 2021. The course price is also likely to increase to N75,000 anytime soon because of the constant fluctuations in naira denomination.

How to register for 72IG course

To register for 72IG course, you’ll need to visit the Expertnaire product page here to have a feel of what the course is, or you can visit this page to register immediately. When you visit any of the pages, click on the “Register Button”, and you’ll be directed to a new page and asked to input the following details;

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email 
  • And your phone number

Kindly note that it’s important to provide your real information when filling out the boxes to avoid errors and other forms of mistakes. Next is to choose a payment method and click on the checkout button to complete your order.

Remember, there are no refunds for this course.

7 Things You Should Know About Expertnaire 72IG Course

1. 72IG Course is comprehensive and cheaper than most affiliate marketing courses

The internet is full of various affiliate marketing courses and programs promising people high returns on investment yet none of them provides practicable and actionable information as 72IG courses. While most of these courses are sold at insanely high prices, Expertnaire 72IG courses sell at an affordable rate. 

Authority Site System Affiliate Marketing Course
Authority Site Affiliate Marketing Course | Source:

For example, the above course titled “The Authority Site System” sells for $997. That’s about 

N415,000 (four hundred and fifteen thousand) in naira. This shows that comprehensive and high-quality affiliate marketing courses are expensive, however, the 72IG course sells at an affordable rate. 

In addition to the price, 72IG course is a comprehensive course that not only teaches you affiliate marketing but also teaches you timely digital marketing skills such as email marketing, PPC, Facebook advertising, Instagram Advertising, Canva design, Sales funnel, website design, etc. This feature makes it more valuable than other affiliate marketing programs.

2. There are no Upsells

For most affiliate marketing programs, you’ll be taught only 50 percent of what you need to know. This is a scheme course creators use to upsell you on their other courses promoted as advanced courses. 72IG course is a complete affiliate marketing course that will teach you everything about affiliate marketing, from a beginner level to a pro level. There are no upsells whatsoever when you buy the course.

3. 72IG course is beginner-friendly

The 72IG course is super easy to understand. The course is created to accommodate beginners who have never made any money online. Also, anyone interested in learning how to launch an online business such as web design or a marketing agency can take the course. It’s basic, straight to the point, yet loaded with valuable information.

Take, for example, the Facebook advertising training. This training is part of the 72IG course and will teach you how to create a new Facebook ads manager, how to write your first advertorial copy, how to set up your first campaign, and how to install and track pixels. Most affiliate marketing courses out there won’t teach you any of these.

4. 72IG course comes with free mentorship

Unlike most courses where you’re not guided on what to do or offered the opportunity to ask questions and make complaints, 72IG course comes with a forever mentorship program.

This mentorship program allows you to ask questions anytime you get stuck. It allows you to meet with other affiliates, build networks, and explore the world of affiliate marketing. The best part is, you don’t have to pay a dime. The program is free provided you are a registered member.  

5. 72IG course comes with copy templates and scripts

Most affiliate marketing courses won’t give you access to templates and scripts for promoting your products, but 72IG course will. This program comes with over 30 PDFs and documents to aid your marketing efforts. You will only need to edit the file to suit your product needs before publishing it on the internet.

6. 72IG course has over 10,000 students

More than 10,000 students have registered for the 72IG course. This number includes people from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, and other countries. What this means is that over 10,000 people trust this course enough to bet their money on it. Therefore, the Expertnaire 72IG course is worth its weight in gold.

7. 72IG course comes with no refund policy

We know the usual marketing gimmick by most course creators is to offer a MONEY-BACK guarantee but 72IG comes with none. When you register for the program you are not allowed to ask for a refund. While this doesn’t sit well with most buyers, it’s a good development. The no refund policy validates that the course is highly useful and delivers just as it promises.


  1. How do you make money on Expertnaire?

    To make money on expertnaire platform, employ any of the following methods;
    1. Facebook advertising
    2. Instagram advertising
    3. Email marketing
    4. Whatsapp marketing
    5. Twitter marketing
    6. Copywriting

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