Easy Checkout Solution: Improve Conversion on Your Ecommerce Store

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Learn how to improve conversion and generate more sales on your eCommerce store with an easy checkout solution. First, understand that getting too many carts constantly abandoned on your eCommerce store, is not going to drive you sales, and in most cases, this would be a result of a poor checkout process!

Therefore, If the goal of your business is to make money, increase sales, and satisfy customers, you need to improve the checkout experience for your customers. In this post, discover best checkout practices that can improve conversion for your eCommerce business.

What is a checkout page?

easy checkout solution

A checkout page is a page on your eCommerce store where prospects and existing customers complete their shopping transactions by filling in their details and making a payment. Typically, most checkout pages request customer information such as email address, phone number, delivery address, and billing details.

Customers are not returning to your business because of poor checkout experiences

The reason why your customers are not returning is – your checkout process is tedious, time-consuming, has too many input fields as well as irrelevant elements (especially pop-ups and several buttons) 

First, a checkout process with multiple pages is a big turn-off for most customers. Online shoppers do not have the patience to go through several processes just to complete their transaction and this makes multiple checkout pages bad for your business. 

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Also, distracting elements like pop-ups are not useful on the checkout page. This can irritate your customer and send them leaving sooner than they have arrived on your website. Furthermore, requesting too much personal information can also discourage your customers. 

As a matter of fact, these are the major reasons why your customers are not returning to your eCommerce website. 

3 Best Practices to improve conversion with an easy checkout solution

To improve your conversion and generate more sales for your eCommerce business, implement the following best practices;

1. Eliminate irrelevant elements such as pop-ups and several CTA buttons. One button on the checkout page is enough to get the customer’s transaction completed. In fact, OurPass offers you a one-click solution with just a button. No several CTA buttons.

2. Use a one-click checkout solution. One-click solution means your customer won’t be needing to go through multiple pages just to complete their transaction. OurPass checkout solution allows them to checkout fast in one click on a single page.

3. Reduce input fields on the checkout form. Too many fields can negatively impact your conversions. With the OurPass checkout solution, your customers will only have to fill out two input fields of information and they are done. No extra information. No charges. Fast. Secure. And reliable.

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Now you have these useful strategies, the next is to implement them on your eCommerce website and see your conversion rate skyrocket. 

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