5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

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If you are looking to make money online in 2022, here’s a comprehensive guide on the 5 best Expertnaire courses you can take right now to acquire high-income skills and start earning money on the go.

Also, affiliates who are already registered on the Expertnaire platform can start promoting these courses as they are hot-selling in the digital space and has the potential of making you between NGN300k to NGN600k monthly. 

What’s Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

Expertnaire affiliate marketing is a term coined by affiliate marketers that describes the promotion and recommendation of expertnaire products to make money. Affiliates who are registered on Expertnaire earn a commission every time they refer someone to make a purchase on the platform.

On the other hand, Expertnaire itself is an online marketplace where digital products such as courses, guides, e-books, downloadable pdfs, and intangible items are promoted. 

Take, for instance, you have an e-book on how to build WordPress sites. You can create an account on Expertnaire, upload your ebook and have it promoted by the platform.  

5 best expertnaire courses

Generally, there are two types of people who can make money on Expertnaire –Creators and Affiliate marketers. 

Creators are people who have a course, guide, or digital product they want to sell to an audience but don’t know how to go about it. On Expertnaire you can create a creator’s account, publish your product and earn money every time someone makes a purchase. In fact, Expertnaire takes care of your marketing needs by promoting and ensuring you earn daily from your digital product. To get started as a creator on Expertnaire, register here.

On the other hand, Affiliates are people who sell digital products published on Expertnaire. Basically, when you register as an affiliate on Expertaire, you gain access to over 60 hot-selling digital products to promote and make money. And impressively, anyone can be an affiliate on the platform provided they have basic sales and marketing skills. To register as an affiliate on Expertnaire, go here.

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

Review of 5 Best Expertnaire Courses 2022

Now that you have registered as an affiliate on Expertnaire and are ready to start earning money, here are the 5 best expertnaire courses you can sell in 2022. These courses will make you tons of money if you do your marketing right. You may ask, how did I know? Well, I know because I have seen affiliates hit 300k to 600k weekly promoting these courses. So why not you?

Meanwhile, before you go choosing any of these courses – I recommend you go through the details of each painstakingly before promoting them. This will help you not to miss out on useful resources that can boost your marketing efforts.

1) 72 IG Course

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

Presently, The 72 income generator course is the best-selling course on expertnaire. The course was created by Toyin Omotoso and has over 8000 affiliates across the country promoting it. The fact that over 8000 affiliate marketers are selling 72 income generator courses, means its commission is pretty high. 

Click here to see how much affiliates are making on this course.

What’s inside the 72 Income Generator Course?

The 72 IG income generator is a complete digital and affiliate marketing course and is helpful for those with zero knowledge in digital marketing. Let’s take a breakdown of everything inside the 72 Income Generator course.

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)
  • WhatsApp Income campaign for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire. This is a done-for-you campaign consisting of ad copies, presell and thank you sales pages. You can instantly launch the campaign and start making money on WhatsApp
  • Version 2.0 of the 72IG Implementation Program. This version 2 of the program broadens over email marketing and PPC. It also exposes all the strategies top affiliate marketers are using to make money.

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  • 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator. The Whatsapp income generator covers WhatsApp marketing and valuable resources on how to sell on WhatsApp. In addition, it shows you how to use a combination of Expertnaire and WhatsApp to drive traffic
  • Twitter Money Blueprint. This blueprint is specially suited for those who are looking for how to grow influence and make money on Twitter. Additionally, you will learn how to drive traffic from your Twitter to your WhatsApp
  • A whopping 50% Commission. This 50% commission is for those who recommend the 72IG course to others. Refer a friend to register for the program and you earn a whopping 50% commission. 
  • 3-hour weekly online support class. The support class is where you meet other affiliates, ask questions and learn new strategies to improve your affiliate marketing skills
  • 1-year FREE affiliate Expertnaire account. Becoming a member on Expertnaire isn’t free, it comes with a membership fee. However, on registering for the 72IG course, you gain free membership for up to one year on the platform. 

Here’s a free video training on expertnaire affiliate marketing course – 72IG 

2) Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint 

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

This course is one of the best-selling courses right now on Expertnaire. If you are wondering what copywriting is – copywriting is the persuasive way of using compelling words and text to influence people to take specific actions. With copywriting, you can literally sell anything without appearing salesy. In fact, people will be begging to buy what you are selling.

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Tony Fotizo, a top Nigerian copywriter is the creator of Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint. Tony moved from selling web services (a business that was almost dying) to writing copies that have generated over 7-figures in revenue. His blood-sucking copywriting course is beginner-friendly and straight to the point.

What’s inside Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint?
  • The blood-sucking copywriting training 
  • Email sardines. This training covers how to craft emails that get open and how to generate email ideas
  • The 3D psyching technique training
  • The impregnable refund guarantee secrets
  • First impression sublime invasion tactics
Bottom Line

The blood-sucking copywriting blueprint by Tony Fotizo is your best bet when it comes to copywriting that sells. The blueprint is selling at NGN30000 at the time of writing this post and you can get it here. Remember, you have nothing to lose if, at the end of the day, you do not like the course. You can always request a refund since the course is fully backed by a 30 days refund guarantee.

Learn more about Bloodsucking copywriting blueprint

3) The Foreign Copywriting Initiative – Class of 2022

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

If working for big international brands and businesses through copywriting is your desire, then this is the best course you would get out there. If however, you are an affiliate and looking for a valuable course with a high commission to promote – The Foreign Copywriting Initiative is your best option.

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative is copywriting course created by Andy Mokulo, the best copywriter in the whole of Nigeria. Andy has made a name in the industry as his services are being sought after by big international coys. It was reported that Andy charges not less than 2million to craft marketing sales copies for foreign. What this means is that this 8-figure copywriter knows his onion well. 

See what Toyin Omotoso has to say about Andy

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)
What’s inside The Foreign Copywriting Initiative?
  • The Beginner-Friendly “F.C.I Document” That’s helped 100s of beginners go from zero to at least, $1,000 in writing fees monthly…

The F.C.I document covers topics;

  • The first step to becoming a well-paid Copywriter 
  • A Done-for-You Guide on How to Do Market Research 
  • The Copy Process
  • Writing Winning Ads for Big Social Platform
  • The Business Side of Copywriting
  • Rule s of the game 
  • Watch Me do Market Research Live for a Writing Project… (using the S.E.A.L Method)
  • The F.C.I Process for Getting Clients Who Pay $1,000 – $5,000+ or More per Project (or Monthly)…Without necessarily relying on job postings where dozens of writers are competing for the same project.
  • A simple 68-page guide and 3 videos showing you everything you need to know about getting well-paying clients in our industry
  • 5 Video Case Studies from 5 F.C.I Members
  • Get “Quality feedback” on your work From 2 very Brilliant Copywriters 
  • Working remotely with American Clients… (Especially if you’re AFRICAN or Non-American)
  • A “Custom Portfolio” Secret for “Getting Your Foot in The Door” with Clients That Pay Well (short video)
  • The Simplest Way to Receive Payments From Clients in Any Part of The World … (video)
  • Setting up your Social Media Profile Right (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc….) To Attract Quality Leads who Can become Paying Clients — Plus A Few Proven Ideas on How to Hit That First Or Next $10,000.
  • 5-Step Implementation CheckList. Use this simple “Step-by-Step” Guide to implement everything you Learn inside The F.C.I Program
  • Access: Private F.C.I Members-Area
  • And 6 bonus courses
Bottom Line

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative is an easy, no-fluff, straight-to-the-point course for beginner copywriters. It’s full of quality resources that can take anyone from zero to tens of thousands in Months.

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative.

4) 10X Ecommerce Complete Masterclass

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

The 10x Ecommerec Complete Masterclass is a course created by Jonathan Melody, Top eCommerce guy in Nigeria. Jonathan is a known name in the eCommerce industry and he has helped over 50 entrepreneurs launch and sell their physical products through his mentorship. 

The 10x Ecommerec Complete Masterclass is ideal for anyone looking to start an eCommerce business or affiliates looking for high-commission products to promote on Expertnaire.

Ecommerce video training for beginners 

What’s inside the 10x Ecommerec Complete Masterclass?
  • 30 Evergreen Perfect Ecommerce Products
  • 10X Products Marketing Templates
  • Step BY Step Walk-Through Videos
  • Ecommerce Ads Mastery?
  • Sales Funnels That Convert?
  • One Year Support and Mentorship?
10x Ecommerce Complete Masterclass Course Outline
  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Shipping
  • Product Listing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Delivery
  • Business Management
Bottom Line

Jonathan’s E-commerce Course is the best you can get in the industry and it costs NGN150,000.

See 10x Ecommerce Complete Masterclass Here.

5) Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home As a Virtual Assistant

5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

This course is a step-by-step guide on how to start, launch and grow a business as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are work-from-home people, who help businesses and brands become more successful by performing tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering business calls, setting up email campaigns, and other official tasks.

The “Earn Six Figures Weekly from Home as a Virtual Assistant” is created by Damilola, a work-from-home mum. Damilola owns two businesses and helps big brands with virtual services. 

What’s inside the Earn Six Figures Virtual Assistant Course?
  • The EXACT STEP a beginner should follow to attain the 6 figures weekly mark.
  • How to be paid $25 to $50 dollars per hour as a virtual assistant, in fact, the demand for VA’s is on the rise.
  • Get clients from Tier 1 countries (USA, UK, CANADA…) working for them as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and without pressure!
Bottom Line

The Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home Virtual Assistant is ideal for affiliates looking for high commission-based resourceful courses to promote, as well as anyone looking to start earning money as a virtual assistant.

Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home As a Virtual Assistant

How to sell Expertnaire products

To make money selling Expertanire products especially courses on the internet, you need to understand the “How”. Below are straightforward tips to help you sell Expertnaire products easily; 

1) Whatsapp
5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

Whatsapp is one of the best channels to promote your Expertnaire products. You can do this either organically or through paid advertising. 

Choosing to promote digital products organically on your Whatsapp status means you have to collect the contact of potential customers, save them and ensure they view your status updates from time to time. In addition, You have to share valuable information about the product you are promoting regularly on your status. If you do this right, your potential customer will likely buy your product.

Alternatively, instead of passing through the stress of having to upstate your WhatsApp status from time to time, you can go with WhatsApp TV advertisement. Whatsapp TVs are Whatsapp statuses that generate more than 2000 views per day. You can easily reach the WhatsApp TV admin and request to promote your products on their status. However, note that this isn’t free as you will be required to pay for the advertisement.

PS: The 72 IG course teaches how to use WhatsApp for selling Expertnaire products

2) Facebook Advertising 
5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

Facebook advertising involves creating a Facebook business page and running ads to the page to increase views and conversions. On Facebook, you can create a post about any expertnaire course you want to promote, drive traffic to the page and have people take specific actions such as buying your course or downloading your guide.

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3) Instagram Advertising
5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

To advertise on Instagram, you will need an Instagram business page just as you did for Facebook. The process follows the same method as Facebook. To learn more about this, I recommend you take the 72IG course as it also covers Instagram advertising.  

4) Twitter Influencer Marketing
5 Best Expertnaire Courses ( How to sell them)

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter influencer marketing is different. To promote your expertnaire products on Twitter you will need to pay an influencer who tweets about your niche for advertisement.

For example, if you intend to promote a course on relocating to Canada, you can meet an influencer that tweets about Canada, IELTS, and relocation to help you promote your course to their audience. This type of marketing is super rewarding and can make you extra money, especially if the influencer has a large following with high engagement on their page.

PS: The 72IG course also has a Twitter marketing blueprint. You can only access it when you sign up for the training.

Final Thoughts

For affiliates, the above-mentioned expertnaire products are lucrative to promote. The products are excellent and are likely to make you between 200k to 400k monthly. However, If you are not an affiliate but interested in acquiring high-income skills that can change your money game, I also recommend you pick any of the courses listed above.

Again, here’s a recap of the top best selling courses on Expertnaire:

  • 72 Income Generator Course
  • Blood Sucking Copywriting Blueprint
  • The Foreign Copywriting Initiative
  • 10x Ecommerce Complete Masterclass
  • Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home as a Virtual Assistant 


How much does it cost to join Expertnaire?

Expertnaire Registration comes with NGN10,000 which is renewable yearly. For instance, if you registered on the platform in January 2022, by January 2023 you will have to renew your membership with another NGN10000.

How do you earn from expertnaire?

You earn on expertnaire either as a creator or an affiliate. As a creator, you will only need to publish your product and earn every time someone makes a purchase. However, on the other hand, an affiliate earns a commission when they promote, recommend, or refer people to buy a product on Expertnaire. 

Difference between expertnaire products and expertnaire courses
  1. Expertnaire products include every digital product listed on the platform; courses, guides, masterclasses, pdfs, videos, etc. While Expertnaire courses are specifically training resources including videos, and texts grouped into an outline with an instructor that lasts for weeks or months. 
  2. Expertnaire products are usually promoted by expertnaire affiliates while expertnaire courses are mostly taken by people looking to acquire digital skills 
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